Don't Let a Messy Lot Influence Your Purchase

Rely on our residential & commercial land clearing team in Bethel, OH

If you think you've found the perfect location for your residential or commercial construction project, don't be alarmed if the plot is covered in trees and stumps. Hire Myers Land Service to turn your unlevel plot into a flat piece of land. Our land clearing team will take care of all the imperfections.

Don't let a messy lot deter you from purchasing a plot of land in Bethel, OH. Call 937-344-6727 today to speak with a team member about your property.

Leave land clearing to the professionals

Although land clearing doesn't seem like a complicated process, it can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Our licensed and insured company has the necessary equipment to clear any plot of land effectively. We'll turn any unusable lot into prime real estate by removing:

  • Trees
  • Stumps
  • Rocks
  • Bushes

Whether you need residential or commercial land clearing services, our team is here to help. Once our job is done, you'll be left with a flat piece of land that's ready for construction. Contact us today to schedule commercial land clearing service.

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